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If you live in Brisbane and are looking for an alternative therapy for a chronic illness, it's possible that you are eligible for a plant-based medicine prescription. Find out if you're eligible for a prescription today.
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Why Canwell?

Canwell is an online plant-based medicine clinic in Brisbane dedicated to making access to plant-based prescriptions more accessible, affordable and convenient for those who need it.

Our doctors are specially trained in prescribing plant-based medicines

To prescribe plant-based medicine in Australia doctors must be special access scheme (SAS) accredited in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods administration. This means, that all of our doctors have been specially trained to prescribe plant-based medicines, equipped with comprehensive knowledge on how it effects both mind and body in order to prescribe the most effective treatment. Our doctors are also fully versed in Queensland's state laws regarding plant-based medicine, so prescriptions are always accessed via legal channels.

Flexible appointment times 

Unlike with face to face appointments, Canwell is exclusively online which means you can book telehealth consultations that suit your schedule. Telehealth appointments with Canwell are available outside of traditional business hours, so our Brisbane patients don't need to miss work or school to attend your consultation. 

Canwell provides information on a range of medical conditions

Canwell's Brisbane plant-based clinic is dedicated to making sure you as a patient are empowered by having access to information that is related to your condition. Check if you're eligible for a prescription here. 

Our products are quality controlled

Prescribing plant-based medicine in Australia is a heavily regulated process, so to comply with TGA protocols Canwell has strict quality control measures in place to ensure you're receiving the highest quality product every time you order. We do this by working with unique supplier so we can guarantee that the product you receive in the mail is high quality and ethically sourced. 

By having strict quality control protocols in place, we can promise that every plant-based product prescribed by a doctor can be accurately measured and monitored if changes to dosage or medication need to be made. The products that the Canwell clinic offers include:

  • Low dose CBD oil
  • Full spectrum and higher dosage CBD oil products
  • THC oil
  • CBD lubricant

Treatment options do differ depending on the condition being treated as well as patient history and current medications, so bringing your medical history to your initial consultation will give doctors a better idea of how plant-based treatments can help. 

Your prescription is delivered right to your door

The Canwell process is completed fully online, so there's no need to visit a pharmacy. Canwell sends the order to one of our specialty pharmacies, where they then dispatch the order to your home. Canwell can deliver the package to any location in Brisbane QLD in discrete packaging, with a medical diary and instructions on how to take the product included in the box. Plant-based medicine in Brisbane has never been so accessible.

If you're looking for a convenient, affordable and trustworthy way to access plant-based medicine in Brisbane QLD then please book an appointment with one of our SAS accredited doctors. Have any questions about our products, service or plant-based medicine, please let us know in the form below and one of our Canwell team members will get back to you. 

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