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Our Australian-based Practitioners are specially trained in Natural-based medicine and take a patient-first approach to every consultation.
Dr. Kevin Cheng

Dr. Kevin Cheng

Dr Cheng graduated from Melbourne University in 2004, and underwent diverse medical modalities, including Intensive Care, Cardiology, geriatrics, rehab medicine, and various medical and surgical rotations during his medical training.
Driven by a keen interest in holistic and alternative medicine approaches to treating illness, Dr. Cheng obtained TGA approval as a prescriber in 2019, thereby gaining extensive experience in prescribing plant medicine.
Dr Kevin Cheng has helped patients with various medical conditions. He sees an average of 120 patients per week, making him one of the most experience prescribers of plant medicine in Australia.
Dr. Sam Thomas

Dr. Sam Thomas

Dr Sam graduated from Medical School in Ireland in 2011. He worked as a hospital doctor in Ireland before working in New Zealand and then completed his GP training in the UK. He has been working as a GP in Australia since 2019.
He is fully accredited with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the UK Royal College of General Practitioners.
He has been prescribing Plant Medicine for suitable patients since 2020 and became an Authorised Prescriber of Plant Medicine in 2021.
Dr. Anand Ramineni

Dr. Anand Ramineni

Dr Anand is a specialist Neonatal Paediatrician as well as a TGA Authorised Prescriber for Plant Medicine.
He first developed an interest in Plant Medicine through his work with children with severe epilepsy. He has since treated over 500 patients using Plant Medicine with a variety of conditions.
Dr Anand is actively contributing to research to confirm the potential clinical benefits of plant medicine.
Dr. Sophia Shafiq

Dr. Sophia Shafiq

Dr Sophia graduated from Flinders Medical School in 2021. Prior to moving to Brisbane, she worked in Darwin where she had completed all of her medical training. Her special interests are in psychiatry and internal medicine. Before starting medical school, she helped to write and edit mental health awareness books and cognitive behavioural therapy programs. Dr Sophia is a strong believer in holistic medicine, which is why she started working in plant medicine.

Dr. Nancy Saab

I graduated from medical school in 2017 before gaining several years experience in the public hospital system across a broad range of areas including paediatrics and women’s health. 
I am currently undertaking GP training and have an interest in learning more about pain medicine which is where my interest in medicinal cannabis stemmed from.

Dr. Dennis Yu


Dr. Samina Afzal


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