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How Canwell works.

At Canwell, we’re making medicinal cannabis available for those who need it. Our goal is to make your life easier and provide the best end-to-end service in Australia.

Book an appointment

Just create an account with Canwell, and pick a consultation timeslot that suits you. Before your first booking, you'll be asked to complete a New Patient Form.

Consult virtually

We'll remind you about your appointment by SMS, email, or direct from your calendar. Simply log in to your dashboard and 'enter' the appointment. You can do this from your laptop, a tablet, or smartphone and use video, audio, and even chat. This ensures consultations are easy, time-efficient, and convenient. 

During the consultation, your doctor will explain which (if any) medicinal cannabis product they recommends and the cost to you.

Delivered to your door

If your doctor prescribes you medicinal cannabis, it must be approved under the Special Access Scheme (SAS). Once approved, your doctor will ensure our pharmacy partner is in touch to arrange payment and quick, discreet delivery.

Is medical cannabis right for you?

Before consulting with one of doctors, find out if you're eligible for medicinal cannabis with our simple eligibility test. 

Frequently asked questions

How much do consultations cost?

Canwell Australia has a three-tiered payment structure, depending on the length of the consultation required. Please see full price details here.  

Please Note:  Follow Up appointment are only $60.

How long do the approvals last for?

Once you have received the Special Access Scheme approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, a patient generally has 12 months until the approval and prescription are no longer valid. At this point, the application process must be repeated for treatment continuity via a follow up appointment with your Canwell Australia doctor.

How do I pay for my product?

When you register for an appointment with a cannabis doctor on the Canwell Australia platform, you will be prompted to securely enter your credit card details - this is where your consultation fees will be deducted from. It can also serve as the payment preference for any products purchased in the patient only shop, The Inner Circle. Regarding your medicinal cannabis products, our partnering pharmacy, Dukasa, will contact you the day the prescription has been approved and received. The Dukasa team will contact you via phone to arrange payment and delivery details, as well as any additional relevant details pertaining to your prescription.

Do I need to take my prescription to a pharmacy?

It is possible to request to collect your prescription at a physical location, however, our Telehealth service extends through to door-to-door delivery which removes the need to collect in public. You will receive a call from our partnered pharmacy who will arrange payment and confirm the most convenient time and location to send you product. Products can be expected to arrive at your door via registered post within 24 – 72 hours from payment.

How does the delivery service work?

Once you have received formal approval for your Schedule 4 or Schedule 8 product, you will receive a call within 24 hours from our partnered pharmacy, Dukasa. They will confirm any final questions regarding your product, organise payment and ship the product to you via express registered post, Australia Wide.

Where do you ship to?

Canwell Australia is an online service designed to provide approved patients access to high quality, ethically sourced and fairly priced products. As such, we are proud to confirm we have the ability to have your medicine sent to any registered physical location Australia wide.