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Hobart's Most Trusted Medicinal Cannabis Service

If you live in Hobart TAS and are looking for an alternative therapy for a chronic illness, it's possible that you are eligible for a medicinal cannabis prescription. Find out if you're eligible for a prescription today.

Why Canwell?

Canwell is dedicated to making medicinal cannabis prescriptions more accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients in Hobart who need it.

Our doctors are specially trained in prescribing cannabis

At Canwell, we pride ourselves on having doctors that have been specifically trained to work with and prescribe cannabis to patients, so it is a requirement that all our doctors are special access scheme (SAS) accredited. Our doctors are also fully versed in Tasmania's state laws regarding medicinal cannabis, so prescriptions are always accessed via legal channels.

Flexible appointment times 

Unlike with face-to-face appointments, you can select a time that works for your schedule because Canwell is exclusively a telehealth platform. We recognise that regular meeting times at face-to-face clinics may be inconvenient, so our doctors work on flexible schedules so our Hobart patients don't need to miss prior engagements to attend your sessions. 

Canwell provides information on a range of conditions

Canwell is dedicated to making sure you, as a patient, are empowered by having access to information that is related to your condition. Information regarding the conditions that are treatable can be found on the symptoms and conditions page. Check if you're eligible for a medicinal marijuana prescription here.  

Our cannabis products are quality controlled

Canwell works exclusively with a unique set of suppliers so that we can guarantee that all products are ethically sourced and quality controlled. This way, we can promise that every cannabis product prescribed by a doctor can be accurately measured and monitored if changes to dosage or medication need to be made. 

Your prescription is delivered right to your door

The Canwell process is completed fully online, so there's no need to visit a pharmacy. Canwell sends the order to one of our specialty pharmacies, where they then dispatch the order to your home. Canwell can deliver the package to any location in Hobart TAS in discrete packaging, with a cannabis diary and instructions on how to take the product included in the box. Learn more about how it works.

If you're looking for a convenient, affordable and trustworthy way to access medicinal cannabis in Hobart TAS then please book an appointment with one of our SAS accredited doctors. Have any questions about our products, service or medicinal cannabis, please let us know in the form below and one of our Canwell team members will get back to you. 

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