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Australia’s most trusted medicinal cannabis service

Canwell is Australia’s most convenient and trusted medicinal cannabis service, providing flexible access to Australian-based, AHPRA registered, licenced general practitioners, who are specifically trained in plant-based medicines. We deliver high quality, ethically sourced, and fairly priced medicinal cannabis products from Australian pharmacy partners direct to your door.

Your first consultation is $150 and prices for medicinal cannabis, if prescribed by your doctor, can range:

CBD Isolate
Approx. $200 for 30ml
Full Spectrum Oil
Approx. $230 for 50ml
Approx. $180 for 30ml
Whole Flower
Approx. $150 for 10g

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cannabis legal in Australia?

Outside of the possession, use and cultivation of small amounts in the Australian Capital Territory, cannabis is strictly illegal in Australia from a recreational perspective. However, if prescribed by an authorised doctor or approved by the TGA via the SAS system, cannabis is legal to hold and consume for medical purposes. There are numerous cannabis products available as medicine and not all contain the psychoactive molecule THC, which is responsible for the ‘high’ some products deliver. It is important that you speak with you doctor on what restrictions may be in place with the medication you are on (i.e. Can I drive if I use marijuana medicinally?)

Who can sell cannabis in Australia?

As cannabis is considered an illicit narcotic drug in Australia, only approved licence holders are allowed under federal law to cultivate, manufacture and distribute cannabis products specifically for research or medicinal use. Currently, all medical cannabis products are considered a Schedule 4 or a Schedule 8, with only one being listed on the PBS as of April 2021. Licence applicants are required to meet numerous preconditions, including criminal history checks.

How do I know if I'm eligible for medicinal marijuana?

The first step is to take the Eligibility Test which takes about 60 seconds to complete. From there, you will be able to book an appointment with a Canwell Australia doctor who will confirm if medicinal marijuana is suitable for your condition/s. Moreover, it is advised that you speak with your regular GP to discuss your interest in exploring plant-based medicine and request them to complete a referral letter.

Do I need a referral to apply for medicinal marijuana?

While many doctors in Australia can prescribe Medicinal Marijuana, many have not undergone the required training or been privy to all of the emerging research. As such, it is recommended that you consult a specifically trained doctor such as those on the Canwell Australia platform. With that being said, it is advantageous to both the prescribing doctor and the patient if a referral letter from your regular GP is provided. This ensures doctors have the required information from your GP and reduces the risks of conflicting medications being prescribed. Moreover, it saves you, the patient, time and the money by reducing the required length of the consultation.

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