It’s a familiar story – you hear from a friend, a co-worker, perhaps even your doctor, that Medicinal Cannabis is legal in Australia.  You do some reading online and, to your surprise, you find there is in fact a legitimate, highly regulated and rapidly growing industry.  You come to terms with the relatively high price-point of a consultation, given that you:

  • Are new to cannabis and would like to get professional advice
  • You are a seasoned consumer and would like to move to legal medicine for quality and consistency reason (not be mention avoiding the stigma of “breaking the law”)

Your consultation goes well and the product pricing is actually better than you had read about on edit (at the time of writing Elevated Extracts are doing 30g of dry flower for $350).  The product arrives at your door and you are officially enjoying the indication relief that medicinal cannabis can bring and you are certain this suits your lifestyle better than the opioid-based drugs from your past.  It is at this point you realise you need to go through the whole process again; your stomach dropping as you crunch the numbers on how expensive it would be to continue on like this.  Begging the question…

Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast rule for repeats.  However, there is a general rule of thumb that most responsible doctors will follow, starting with the first appointment.

Initial Consultation

The objective of your first consultation with a Cannabis Doctor is to determine:

  • Whether plant medicine is a suitable option for your condition
  • Which product(s) is best suited to treat your indications

Depending on what you are treating, the doctor may require a referral, however, this is not mandatory for a number of indications (i.e. mild anxiety or insomnia).  Your Cannabis Doctor will talk through your level of experience with cannabis and the other medications you are currently taking.  If they deem that plant medicine is  a suitable option, you will generally be prescribed one script or one month worth of product.  The rationale behind a singular script is to determine that the product, dosage and delivery system is providing the efficacy required.  This will determine if the door is open for repeats.

Follow Up

If you are not entirely satisfied with the results, you will be required to discuss why with your doctor.  It is for this reason it is recommended that you maintain consistency with which doctor you see.  If you require tweaks to your medicines, it is likely you will receive the same quantity as your initial script.  The obvious intention being to determine the product is delivering results before over prescribing.  Once you have found your ideal medicine, you are able to simply book for a quick repeat appointment.

Repeat Scripts

At this stage, the conversation for repeat scripts opens up.  The longer and more consistently you are using a specific product, at a specific dose and yielding positive results, the more likely your doctor will be to offer multiple repeat scripts.  That said, it is important to remember that your consumption of the product must align with the dosage requirements on your script.  That is to say, you can not overconsume or on-sell product and expect to get more repeats before the prescribed date.  An additional caveat is that certain patients will require more frequent consolations due to the nature of the conditions.  For example, someone who is battling cancer or anorexia would likely be in frequent communication with both their general GP and their Cannabis Doctor to ensure the treatment is achieving the agreed upon objectives.

In Closing

Put simply, your Cannabis Doctor will prescribe you the number of repeats that they deem necessary.  Some may do one at a time, others may do 10 at a time.  This is extremely individualised and based on your condition, indication and, at times, history with the product.  If you believe you qualify for multiple repeats, simply have this discussion with your doctor.  They are here to assist you in your treatment, not stand in the way of it.  As always, communication is key and understanding the parameters your doctor is working within will ensure you are both comfortable with the path moving forward.