With modern day techniques being developed, we are now seeing cannabis products produced in so many new and exciting ways. We have drinks, edibles, sweets, tinctures, cakes, oils and many more.

Some restaurants have now started to incorporate cannabis into their menus for something new and different for their discerning customers.  

Edibles are currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry and will offer many new ways to ingest cannabis without having to smoke the plant, which a huge percentage of the population, still sees as unhealthy.

The cannabis industry is also seeing a trend to produce more concentrate than flower, as to accommodate for all the edibles being manufactured.

For hundreds of years, humans have been consuming cannabis in many different ways. Here are some of the most popular methods of worldwide cannabis consumption.


Smoking is the first method that comes to the mind, with any cannabis enthusiast, when asked to consume cannabis.  Historically, smoking is the most traditional form of ingestion and this usually involves the smoking of dried flower of the cannabis plant. Smoking cannabis provides instant effects to the user and the effects usually diminish a couple of hours after consumption.

Smoking can be through joints (rolled cigarette), pipes, or bongs (water pipe) and is considered more effective and immediate than other methods.  But despite its effectiveness and ease of use, regular smoking of cannabis can lead to negative health effects due to the inhalation of excessive heat into the lungs.


Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour, which is produced by dry herb or oils, utilising either a vape pen or desktop device, like the Volcano Vaporizer (our personal favourite).  The vapour is produced by heating the desired product to a certain temperature, so as not to burn the flower and ingest unnecessary carcinogens. You then inhale the vapour which is produced by your choice of vaporizer.

The same effects are felt, with less heat drawn into your lungs, which is crucial for some patients with compromised respiratory systems. This provides a far more pleasant flavour when vaporizing the cannabis flower.


Edibles are already a huge percentage of the cannabis market. Products are being added every day and these treats are tastier than ever.  This delicious industry has come a long way from pot brownies back in the day, which tasted like eating raw Cannabis leaves, to now being able to get sweets, gummy’s, brownies, cakes, dips, sauces, jellies and the list goes on and on. 

Make sure you read the instructions on the label and be advised … overconsumption will leave you feeling extremely ill.  Packaging is key with these products, as they can often look like kids’ sweets, so safe storage of edibles is crucial to keep them out of reach of children. 

Less is always more when it comes to edibles, as the effects can sometimes take a long time to kick in.  Do not have more, until you are at least feeling the effects from the first dose you consumed.

Effects can take up to two hours to be felt, so make sure you time yourself and make a note if needed. It can be very easy to mistake what time you took the last sweat or drink and end up taking more than you should.

Even if you do take too much, this in not life threatening.  Worst case scenario, you end up feeling a very sick and may throw up (“the greens”).  Other than that, you will be right as rain in a few hours or at least after a sleep. 


This is an exciting new way of consuming, as people enjoy the social aspect of sharing a drink together. 

Once again, if you consume this too quickly you are going to feel ill, so make sure you pace yourself.  These drinks taste like fruit juice and are extremely moreish, so remember around children be mindful of where you leave your drink. 

In states, where Cannabis is legal, the drinks are sold in dispensaries and are often kept in a fridge, to maintain the quality of the product and keep it chilled. 


Dabs are a new commercially selling product, which is a highly concentrated oil, that has been extracted from the cannabis flower. Dabs are by far, the strongest form of cannabis extraction on the market today, so a big “Be Cautious” warning, goes without say.

Although the art of the dab has been around for a long time, the availability of quality dabbing material was few and far between. Not to mention, how expensive it was to waste good cannabis, if you got the process wrong and the chance of maybe setting your kitchen on fire through inexperience and a poorly managed extraction process.

This concentrate resembles honey in colour and the texture varies according to the strain’s being used.

Dabs consist of an extremely high concentrate of resin glands from the cannabis flower. Extraction methods differ with the varying amounts you are producing and if you would like to try this yourself, make sure you watch many videos on how to do it properly and carefully.

There is a safer option with the recent invention of the heat press. If you are unfamiliar, a rosin press is essentially a machine used to extract cannabinoids through heat and pressure. A rosin press has two heated plates that are pressed down onto each other to create enough force to facilitate an extraction.

This seems to be the safest and healthiest option available on the market at the moment. You place the flower into wax paper and between the heated pads. The pads, then squeeze and heat the flower until rosin concentrate drips out, onto the wax paper.

This press might set you back a few dollars in the beginning, but the quality and quantity of concentrate you produce will be well worth the expense.


CBD oil is labelled as revolutionary, as it carries all the benefits of the cannabis cannabinoids with none of the psychotropic effects. This means, that it will not get you high or show up in random drug tests, making this a very user-friendly product for the public.

CBD oil is taken to relieve a whole bunch of symptoms and is gaining popularity every day. It is now being marketed as a health supplement, just as you would take a vitamin.

This will be one of the first Cannabis products to be available in pharmacies without a prescription. Obviously only people over the legal age will be allowed to purchase it, in controlled amounts.

People are also starting to give their pets CBD oil as this is making a big difference in the lives of pets, that suffer from mood disorders or hyperactivity.

A growing number of pet owners are using products containing cannabidiol or CBD to keep their pets calm and pain-free. It has a wide variety of applications including anxiety and depression.                          


Tinctures are also in oil form and are formulated to give the user different experiences.  Some have only THC in them, and others have a mix of both THC and CBD.

Each is designed to offer the user an effect that suits the mood they would like to enjoy. Some will be used for anxiety during the day, and some will be used for getting to sleep at night.

These have been very popular with people who don’t like to smoke or vape and can be very good value for money.

You can dose with confidence, knowing how much you are taking, and the effects can last much longer than inhaled cannabis. We have known people who have managed to stop taking their anxiety medication due to using these tinctures.

The results are immediate and will carry none of the harsh side effects that come from taking too many different pharmaceuticals.  These tinctures have changed people’s lives and we are so grateful that people suffering with severe illnesses, now have this option available to them.

Author: Dean Simmons