Australia’s first independent industry-supported cannabis medicines database was launched on Wednesday 8 December 2021.  ‘Catalyst’, developed by the team at Honahlee, aims to improve patient outcomes by simplifying the cannabis journey for prescribers.  Essentially, the sites will provide the tools and resources to educate patients and doctors alike.

Why Catalyst

At the time launch, there are over 300 medicinal cannabis products available to qualifying Australian patients, across both Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 products, including a number of delivery systems.  Given that cannabis plants contain hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes along with thousands of flavonoids, there is a surprising amount of variance between each product, which in turn, means there are a number of considerations both patients and medical practitioners need to be aware of.  Catalyst looks to simplify this process by providing the entry level details for patients and in-depth, yet digestible, information for new and experienced cannabis doctors.

What’s on Offer

While still in launch phase, Catalyst is providing healthcare practitioners full transparency with a database of cannabis medicines, along with clinical data, patient case studies, and product resources.  This model has been made possible by partnering with over 30 licenced medical cannabis suppliers.  To ensure the information remains up-to-date and relevant, suppliers will soon have real-time access to update their product information, add upcoming educational events (webinars) and prescriber and patient resources.


Catalyst operates on a subscription model which those in the medical industry can with monthly instalments or annually at a heavily discounted rate.  Doctors, Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists can start a Free 14 Day which will give them a snapshot of:

  • Cannabis Prescriber Education
  • Cannabis Medicine Database
  • Clinical, Product and Supplier Updates & Support
  • Find A Cannabis Prescriber Listing

The trail can be activated at 

Patients outside of the medical industry can stay informed on all Catalyst developments by following the Catalyst LinkedIn Page or signing up to their newsletter, free of charge on the website.